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SAWBAN: Brett and Nikkolas

Nikkolas O'reilley is a teen, fresh from high school, and just starting college (woot!) and a getting a new job (woo. . .t...). In fast food, with all the requisite grease, acne, and stupid customers. There he meets Brett M. Heinrich, the god of fast food - at least in his own mind! Now he has to balance work, school, and Brett! What now? If you work in fast food, enjoy (hilarious) comedy and don't take things too seriously, then welcome aboard!



Welcome to SAWBAN, the place to be if you, like us, see fat people and fast food! It's funny, I swear! Or that could just be me . . . So, I hope y'all like SAWBAN, fav it, and stick with us until the end!

Also, why not visit my other two comics:

Light of the Moon, fantasy of some sort and pretties in full color -

and Rock Candy, great comedy and more making fun of the every day, as well as (I hope) poking fun at the typical situations found in real life and manga -
Woohoo! Hope to see you there, and I hope you fav them, too!

posted by yojoBAN @ January 12th, 2008, 10:47 pm  -  1 comments

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